Blind Mouse Bluff

Blindly seek out cheese with only your untapped senses. Are the other players bluffing? Are you? Be careful, though. If you reveal a blind mouse, others will get the reward. Reveal three and the game is over.

Blind Mouse Bluff is a fast paced card game for 2-5 players
Additional players may be added by combining sets

Players will each create a pile of face down cards in front of them that may be cheese or it may be a mouse. Once everyone has placed at least one card in their stack, they can continue to place card or start the bidding. Use your best skills at reading the other players while keeping your own Poker Face to determine where the best cheese may be placed – but be careful not to reveal a mouse.

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2-5 players, Age 14+, 30-45 minute playtime
36 Poker Sized Cards