Brad Barton’s Seven Seas

Brad Barton’s Seven Seas

From the Creator of Beautiful Monsters
After the success of my first Kickstarter, Beautiful Monsters, people began asking about my next project. With such rich stories in the images themselves, I wanted to do something more with the written word this time. I have always had a love for the water, so the idea for Seven Seas began to take shape. It will be a book of one page stories, each accompanied by a “hero” image of the main character.

What is Seven Seas?
Pirates and legends, myths and monsters, these are stories from the Seven Seas and other waterways. Seven Seas is a 70+ page book with 30+ color images, each accompanied by a short story. It was printed in a limited edition run, signed and numbered. The size is 8×10 inches with a soft cover and printed on high quality matte paper.

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